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The Unity tweak tool extends the customization of Unity by allowing you to change the themes and icons.

Enter the following command via terminal. To install Slingscold, enter the following commands in your terminal —. Similar to the Mac spotlight, Albert spotlight is an app designed to help the user quickly locate and open an application, files or system preferences on your PC. To install Albert spotlight, enter the following commands in your terminal. After installation, you can open Albert spotlight from the Dash and first set a hotkey to activate it.

From OSX to Ubuntu

Plank is a lightweight dock app which is a good alternative to the MacOS dock. Install plank via terminal with the following commands. To do the above, enter the following command via terminal. If you have LibreOffice installed, you can also change the default Humans icons with Monochrome icons. Now everybody, including me , are using it.

Ubuntu MacOS Theme – Linux Hint

Great interface, with the pleasant aspects of mac, and the great easiness of use , and compatibilty of ubuntu. Linux made beautiful. Best linux interface i have found in years of distributions. Home Contact. Posted by Meilin in General. You can find this in the Software Center and install as normal. Lastly, give your system a reboot to ensure that the theme applies correctly and fully. As you can see, once the reboot is done, Ubuntu is transformed into a dark landscape with blue highlights.

The creator of the theme has also given other desktop environments the same love, which means XFCE or Cinnamon users can experience some Apple design.


As a bonus, here are some additional tweaks that you can use to change icons, add a dock and the like for the entire Apple experience. To change the icons, download the Cupertino icon set. Next, you need to locate the file you downloaded and right-click to extract it. If you do not have this, then you can create it.

The final step is to right-click on the blank space within the dock and access the Plank Preferences.

What does Macbuntu install?

Within the preferences, look for the theme, and apply your newly installed theme. What themes do you prefer?

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Do you like a darker environment or prefer a cleaner, brighter desktop? Let us know in the comments along with any other great themes you have found. Lightweight, and extremely configurable. Moreover, I find the usability of the macOS gui much worse than practically any of the leading Linux desktops after configuring them to my taste.

I daresay Linux default themes are mostly ugly. IMO we have got gtk2 and gtk3 and lots of other kits for UI, so many choices and so much usability of functions these APIs offer for the theme devs and programmers that things are not as homogenous as MACOS env, that has stricter rules for developing but less customisation options, of course….

Most of these ugly themes have to do with them being so outdated… In the sense that they may still be maintained but the base code is so antique that ends up keeping the same old-looking templates somehow… Now, I reckon it is extremely important to get new themes and then try to hack the code, not so simple but that offers immense amount of power for the user…. After 9 years of using Linux, just weeks ago I got courage to choose a theme to try and customise it… I got the Arc-Dark theme as it is modern and code is super good, but colour is too dark for my displays!

My best tip is to not choose old themes.

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