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Firefox stores your bookmarks in a hidden folder on Mac OS X. To view the folder, you need to use a special keystroke when opening the Library menu. Click the "Save" button to save your bookmarks to the location designated in the "Where" field.

Navigation menu

Change the location by clicking the "Where" drop-down menu and selecting a new location. Hold down the "Option" key while clicking the "Go" menu followed by the "Library" option in the drop-down list.

Make sure to hold down the "Option" key for the entire sequence. If you let go of the Option key, you can't access the Library.

How to move your Firefox Profile to a new computer

Click "Application Support" while in list view, or double-click "Application Support" in icon view. Click OK to start the export process. If you are prompted to "Select a Reference library," browse to the location of your library and click Open.

Import Bookmarks and Other Browsing Data to Firefox

Your library should open and the exported records should appear. If you have upgraded your version of EndNote or the export is not working, you can troubleshoot the Firefox settings by going to the Firefox menu and selecting Preferences. Click on the Applications option and browse through the Content Type listings for the export associated with the online site. You can click on the Action option to the right of the Content Type to set Firefox to open the export file with the appropriate application.

Transfer your bookmarks to Firefox

You should then be able to close and re-start Firefox to try the export again. Attachments Attachment 1.

How to Recover Firefox Bookmarks From a Mac Hard Drive

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