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Rolltide , May 29, HiFi Guy likes this. Faroe Islands. What are your spec on the Mac mini? Thanks guys! Bingo Bongo: Emphasis on supposed to Speed is just fine when I work on it using my plasma and a Bluetooth keyboard, but that limits me to the living room couch. Sagamore Beach, Ma. Dirt cheap, but very impressive.

It helps if you're technically able. Sckott , May 29, Ram is cheap these days and would make OS X run much better. I forget the names, but I used two different screen sharing apps on my mini. I had the same experience as the OP and gave up. To be fair though, I tried to do all manipulation with my phone.

Orlando, FL. HiFi Guy , May 30, Yeah, 2GB seems low by modern standards but the machine runs fine on its own. To be clear and I know my own subject line is poorly worded, sorry! When I'm working on the machine directly using a keyboard and my plasma TV for display things are fine. HiFi Guy: It's frustrating If it was always like this it would be one thing, but the fact that it sometimes runs just fine tells me it should be capable of doing so all the time.

To share another computer’s screen:

Something else is going on, I just haven't figured out what. BrewDrinkRepeat , May 30, I would guess that 2GB is on the razor edge and some combination of background processes and running applications may cause the slow downs. Houston, TX. I use Splashtop. Works fine. You need to get more friggin ram.

If it runs so fine then why is it so slow? Graphics memory uses RAM. Upgrade is dirt cheap. Jack Flannery , May 30, Brooklyn nyc.

3 Free Ways to Remotely Connect to Your Mac’s Desktop

How does the mini access the network? Ive got mine hardwired to gigabit ethernet. Is there a lag? Yes but its normal, and useable.

Headless Mac Mini: SLOOOOOOOW!

Screen sharing on iMac: Scaling on, Adaptive quality I use Screens on my iPad to access the desktop remotely. New Orleans. I find that Splashtop works much better than screen sharing. I also find that AppleRemote Desktop app works better than Screen sharing. Not sure why it would be different as it is just a VNC client in theory. BayouTiger , May 30, I've experienced something similar from a mac laptop into Mac Pro in the past, whilst I was able remote into an old iMac G5 and other mac laptops from the same mac laptop without any issues at all.

I could actually experience the problem without any apps running on the Mac Pro - for example I was able to see it whilst using the Mac Pro finder to copy files around. It was a while ago and it didn't cause me a big enough problem to investigate fully, but because it was a relatively powerful desktop I pretty much decided it was unlikely to be CPU or Memory. Someone needs a producer! Just bought one of those, plugged it in, but the behaviour i get is strange: The mac then becomes very unresponsive, until set back to its default res.

We are sorry to hear about the issues. If you have any other computers to test the adapter on that will solidify the adapter is the source of the issue. Please contact our tech support if you continue to experience issues and we can have it replaced under warranty.

Using a thunderbolt display on a MacBook Pro early My white macbook mid LCD is giving me problems. It keeps turning off, blinking multiple times. I point a flash light on it and I saw nothing.

But it works perfectly when connected to external display. Both my Laptop LCD and external display works fine when connected. Will these headless mac video accelerator work with mid unibody and hopefully resolved my problems? Thank you. That is a very odd issue. If your built in display works with an external display connected, than the headless adapter should be able to make your LCD work as well. However if you find it does not, we have a 30 day return for refund period.

Will the HMVA correct this problem? The best way to get the most video performance when using a monitor connected to the Mac itself is to connect to one of the native video ports.

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This device is best used when remotely connecting to a computer that is acting as a server and has no display of its own. What makes this different? How can we tell if the drivers are loaded or not? Would a KVM switch give us the same results as your adapter?


The Mac video drivers for the graphics processors themselves are built into the OS. How can you tell if the GPU is active or not? Would a KVM switch accomplish the same thing? If no, why not?