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He is rank 1 in the Duel Arena, and he uses skillful tactics in the Wilderness. He currently has 13 99 skills, one of which has exceeded 99 which is Dungeoneering.

He first began creating videos in Bounty Hunter after the removal of the wilderness, on his YouTube account "ggggllo". His originality made him become well known with his commentating skills and his 'friend' Little Willis who he uses to portray a comedic appeal to his viewers. In late someone managed to find a way to delete other players' names.

This caused Sparc Mac to lose his name, but his friend, Gws2 , quickly managed to change his name to Sparc Mac so it would not get stolen by anyone else. Risk it all in an intense virtual reality arena shooter with degrees of movement — exclusive to PS4. Steel your nerves for an unforgettable psychological horror experience, exclusively on PlayStation VR.

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For more info or to change settings, click here. Sparc Buy on PlayStation Store. Overview Game Features. Welcome to the world of v-sport Immerse yourself in a fast-paced and physical futuristic sport, facing off against opponents in a virtual reality arena, using a mixture of dodges, blocks, throws and deflections to outwit the other and claim victory.

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See it in action Videos and screenshots. Images Videos. More Less. BUy Sparc on PS4.

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