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Now supports to open a file directly from cloud drives by tapping on the file. Added Default Sorting Method in Settings. Sorting can be done in both ascending and descending orders by tapping on the sorting method. Cloud drives are sorted using the same sorting method.

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Added back In-app Upgrade in iZip free version. Now iZip users can upgrade through in-app purchase to the Premium version. Added Spotlight search support for Files. Users now can search and open a file in iZip using Spotlight search. Various bug fixed.

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Build for iOS 12 and new iPhone devices. Updated libraries. Fixed an issue of resulting in an empty HEIC image.

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Fixed the issue of compressing videos from Photo Library. Optimized HEIC image processing. Allow printing multiple documents and images. Allow sharing multiple documents. Added support to open a document after being imported from Document Browser. Now document can be opened directly from Document Browser.

Added better error handling of unsupported document types.

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Updated library for GDPR compliance. Bug fixes. Added support for more compressed file types. Now iZip extracts: Fixed the encoding issue when showing text files in foreign languages. Fixed app crashing when opening certain documents. Fixed the "Operation Failed" issue when extracting certain Zip files.

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I would also admit that this is a simple and freeware utility. Beware adware. This particular version has adware from Genio Innovation.

Unzip RAR files on Mac with this WinRAR style extractor

Install at your own discretion. The application itself is func tional and does the job. Functional program. Additional adware More. Estupendo con MacBook Pro!!. Clean and very straightforward to use.. I love it. Thank you for such a really user friendly application. It was so fast to download, t ook just seconds to un rar my.

Thank you.

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Good unrar utility. I've been using this for quite a few years. No real problems with it. The only change I actually would like is that if a password is needed, it should ask for that before starting the extraction process. Right now, it starts the process then eventually stops and gives a slightly vague error. That wastes my time. The Unarchiver, my other unrar utility, asks for the password upfront. I think MacPar Deluxe does, too. I like how it tells me exactly how much recovery data I need to make a repair.