Usb tethering mac os 10.5

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The iPhone is now tethered to the Mac and active. On your iPhone, the Internet tethering banner will appear.

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A gorgeous display, high-quality camera, and fast processor are the best reasons to buy Apple's latest iPhone. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. The downside? Being literally tethered. Bluetooth requires more steps to make a connection active, but it gives you the cable-free flexibility.

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I explain how to make the each type of connection next. Disconnect the USB cable. Click Apply in the lower-right corner.

HoRNDIS: USB Tethering for macOS - GixxerPC

Follow these steps to set up a Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and a Mac: Launch System Preferences, and select the Bluetooth pane. Click the plus button to the lower left.

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This launches the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. Select the phone, and click Continue.

How to tether your phone to a Mac using Bluetooth

On the iPhone an entry dialog pops up, as seen in the figure above and to the right. Your iPhone should be selected in the Device pop-up menu. Click Connect.

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To disconnect Bluetooth tethering, you can do any of the following: In the Network preference pane, with Bluetooth PAN selected in the adapters list, click the Disconnect button. This is a different feature, although the name sure is confusing. You can, in theory, also keep your Wi-Fi hotspot in stand, but it will probably be less taxing for your phone and your mobile data connection to turn this off.

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  • In this list, you should be able to find your smartphone. If not, just double-click the connection to establish contact with your phone.

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    Read More or proxies, but most users should be all set up at this point. You have nothing to keep you back from tethering your socks off now.

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