Music keyboard download for mac

By the way: With " B-Flat " we also offer a simple app to practice reading music.

Piano Keys

Choose your training sound from six different instruments. This provides you a wide range of instruments to choose from.

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You can can create an unlimited amount of levels, letting you train to your own specific needs. Put yourself in "Ear Training Camp" to learn church modes, or concentrate on those two pesky intervals that constantly cause you problems. To make it easier to start, Better Ears includes four presets, each with a different level of difficulty. What is Better Ears?


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Consistent with 48 C.

Reinventing DJ Software. Again.

Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Additional features 10m wireless range 2.

Wireless encryption 3. Caps lock indicator light.

Keyboard Maestro Work Faster with Macros for macOS

Battery indicator light. Rechargeable with USB type C. Compatible with Logitech Flow enabled mice. PN: Looking for support for this product?