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Luckily there are apps that can recover your photos and files from your failed Mac hard drive. Before you consider one of these apps, you might be able to get your Mac up and running so you can perform that backup you should have done.

Recover Deleted Files Mac Computer QUICKLY and EASILY [Working 2019]

Read: How to recover data from a damaged Mac. If you are unable to boot up your Mac in order to try any of our suggestions in the story linked to above, your next port of call is a data recovery app. Luckily there are a few options here, some of which have trial versions that may be able to recover some files, and should, at least, be able to indicate that it will be possible to recover what you need before you pay a penny.

All data recovery apps work in a similar way. If the directory indicating where files were originally stored is salvageable, the rest is easy. But expect it to be a time-consuming process to piece the bits of files back together. If a hard drive is still spinning, and the head is still scanning, there is still hope. Some drives can take days to fully scan, and the higher capacity they are, the longer it will take.

Available for Windows too. Free Download Now. If you are looking to recover a deleted file, EaseUS might be a good option since it has a free version that is limited to 2GB - that might not sound like a lot, but it's more than is offered by most trials, and that's potentially enough to find what you are looking for, or at least at least enough for you to know it can see your lost data before you pay for a full licence. It may also be able to recover data from a deleted partition.

Because it can create a bootable USB drive it should be able to recover data even when macOS is unable to boot up. Once EaseUS has located your data it displays the files with their full file names. You can check each file, viewing it in plain text, hex or in an image file viewer. The latter would be handy if you want to recover old photos from an SD card as well as data from storage devices and flash drives, while the partition recovery tool will help you recover data from a lost partition. If you use Undelete Recovery, the app will scan the volume to locate what it can - you can the save whatever data is recovered into a folder.

The Best Mac Data Recovery Software

If the scan is taking a long time you can save and return to it later on, which might be useful if the volume is particularly large. Users can try out Prosoft's free Deleted File Finder app and preview recoverable files before downloading the Data Rescue 5 app. If you have accidentally erased a file or your drive was damaged, your best choice is to utilize the toolset of an advanced recovery application.

It is also a smart investment for the future, as you can ensure, that your files are secure and can be restored — if anything happens — in the future. Both advanced and beginner users can enjoy the all-around functionality, as Help! External and local file recovery is also available, meaning that you can also scan and restore files on your external devices, by hooking them up to your computer. Providing you with a full solution, Help! With outstanding customer support and a fantastic day money-back guarantee, Help!

Digital photos can easily get corrupted by time, especially if your hard drive proves to be faulty. In these cases, you end up with a corrupted file, which is either inaccessible or contains only a partial image. Data Recovery was developed to solve these cases, by recovering and restoring corrupted digital photos and videos. Thanks to the advanced functionality of the tool, this is also possible if you have accidentally deleted or formatted them. As an ultimate solution, Data Recovery will scan your hard drive for hidden files and clues, on where could be your previously erased photo or video located and will restore it for you.

Since with a simple search, it is impossible to see specific hidden files, a professional tool is indispensable to solve the situation. Data Recovery can access these hidden files containing, which makes it possible to restore your previously erased photos and videos. In the case of corrupted files, Data Recovery can restore the images or videos to their original state, making them accessible again.

Data Recovery can assist you anytime! Even a misclick is enough to delete the work of a lifetime. As numerous file browser applications come with the feature of instant removal not placing the file into the trash can, but erasing them , recovering your lost file may seem impossible.

There are also other cases, where we simply end up accidently erasing all files from our trash can.

10 Best Free Data Recovery Software [Undelete Files In ]

Well, Help! Data Recovery can also provide you a solution for these vital situations, where you need to restore a missing file and restore it quickly. If you have accidentally trashed one, or bulk deleted numerous files, Help! Data Recovery will scan your drive for the lost files and quickly recover them. By picking Help! Data Recovery, you can rest assured that your files are safe, as you can instantly restore your lost files.

Either if it is misclick, or you unintentionally emptied your trashcan, Help! Data Recovery has got your covered!


The program comes with an easy to use and stylish interface. Once you start the program up, you will be able to choose from the numerous functions, such as photo, deleted file, partition recovery and much more. By simply choosing the appropriate function, you can run a scan for your lost files. Once the scan is complete, your corrupted or deleted files will be restored in a folder.

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Advanced users will find further functions to help them recover data files from their servers or HDD, while beginner users can also easily handle the tool. In case you are having issues with your SD camera card, you can scan them also and have files recovered. Among the numerous functions, you will surely find the one which best suits you, while the solution is only a few clicks away. The interface is well designed, while the simple layout makes it impossible to get lost within the numerous functionalities.

From the main window, you can also access and handle your own virtual Help! Data Recovery account, to purchase further tools, to check your account status or to receive the latest news on the product. Data Recovery delivers the perfect mix of simplicity, design, and user-friendliness. If you are after an easy-to-use product that can ensure the safety of your files or recover them with ease, Data Recovery is the best pick!

Data Recovery focuses on delivering a smooth user experience. Therefore, whenever you are planning to restore one of your files, you will not have to wait hours for the result.

follow site Data Recovery scans and recovers files in no time while you can also minimize the application and attend to your other tasks during the process. The fact that the tool supports Windows 98 proves that it was designed to be resource-friendly, therefore, your other processes will not get affected. You can test the outstanding speed and efficiency, by downloading the free trial or purchasing your own Help! Data Recovery package.