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Presentations of the Supplier Event held on May. Request for supply chain information by 1 August Most common areas for development in occupational health and safety in wine production. Invitation to the Supplier Event on September. Purchase plan for larger specialties is published. Presentations of the Supplier Event held on September.

Seasonal Special Displays in Alko Shops In withdrawal situations small amounts of faulty products are going to be disposed in Alko shops.

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Invitation to the Supplier Event on October. Price changes of new products. Alko Supplier Events in Spring Guidance for price changes for the price list period from February 6th to June 4th Update for the price calculator. Meetings between suppliers and sales personnel -guidance. Alcoholic beverage tax is anticipated to change on January 1st The price calculator updated on Wednesday The re-calculated purchase and retail prices with new alcoholic beverage tax effective from January 1st have been sent to suppliers. New price calculator. Alko 85th anniversay mocktail request for tenders has been published.

The listing date of products will be Thursday from 2 January onwards. Presentations of the Supplier Event held on 13 October Instructions for product changes and updated offer forms.

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The development of the shop-specific assortment — the monitoring of products with low inventory turnover has started. The self-service listing of sale-to-order products has been taken into use. The self-service listing of sale-to-order products. Storage of flammable liquids in shop facilities.

Workshop Presentations of the Supplier Event held on 26 August. Alko Online Shop is open for corporate customers. Changes in the division of responsibilities between wine product managers. Alko's Head Office has moved to a new address. A delay in the confirmation emails of received samples. Alko's Arkadia flagship shop is under renovation in August and will be reopened in September. Invitation to the Supplier Event on April. Update: Gift Package Images. Gift Package Images. Feedback from February's Hearing.

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Availability of seasonal gift boxes for the Christmas season The Alko For Suppliers —pages have been updated. The E-learning course of ethical principles. Creating links from suppliers' webpages to Alko Online Shop. Alko Online shop is now open at alko. To ensure updated availability information of products. Adding Sale-to-order Selection Listing Dates.

Changes to Price and to Mode of Delivery. Product Managers fair meetings in Spring The results of the first review of products for all-year products in the dolly pallets. Ethical principles e-learning course must be completed as soon as possible. Craft brewery products display theme - the sale will begin one week later as planned. Special Displays in Alko Shops Errors in assortment allocation calculation.

Invitation to the workshop: Renewing the purchase plan process and rules for dolly pallets. Customer wishes are communicated in Alko shops from April onwards. Please answer to amfori's sustainability surveys.


Save the date - Sustainable Rum Seminar. Alteration to procedures — price changes to sale-to-order products. Sustainable Rum Seminar - Agenda is published. Hearing: Changes planned for Listing instructions August Request for supply chain information by 16 August Listing process and product range. Listing instructions. Offering products. Sensory evaluation and additional samples.

Assortment management. Sale-to-order selection. Taste types of beverages.

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Package markings. Markings on bag-in-boxes. Bar codes on transport packages. Markings on labels and sales packages. Indication of sweetness in wine.

Information on the product range and products. Product changes. Forms for tenders and authorizations. Other forms. Price calculator. Pricing coefficients. Deposits for beverage containers. Pallet prices. Import costs.

Central warehouse and shop delivery costs. Alcoholic beverage taxes. Supplier charges. Contact Information. Products and Purchasing. Product Categories. Quality Control. Orders and Deliveries.


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Rules for supplier collaboration. Training collaboration. BSCI-workshops for producers. Responsible purchasing. E-learning of ethical principles. Alko's responsibility workshops for suppliers. Environmental impacts. Annual Report.