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DIY Entertainment. Mac Productivity. Want to recreate the Gmail experience on your Mac desktop? You can do it quickly by installing the right email app. You can click on the menu bar icon to toggle the app window, which lays out Gmail exactly as it appears online.

The Old Way to Get Google Tasks on Your Desktop

The second button allows you to switch between the default Desktop mode and the Mobile mode. The latter displays your emails with a more compact layout.

Stick the app window to a corner of the screen for quick access. Plus, Go for Gmail supports multiple Gmail accounts. If you want a simpler menu bar app to check Gmail, try Mia for Gmail. It lets you manage your emails from a plain, list-like layout. Download: Go for Gmail Free. This full-fledged app packs Gmail and a handful of other Google apps into a single interface.

Of course, the default layout displays your Gmail inbox. You can jump to Google Drive, Docs, Contacts, and Calendar, or create new entries in these apps via the left sidebar. Each app will open in a separate window. The lite version of Keep is available as usual in the side panel on the right. I highly recommend Any. This is the easiest to use and the sync across the Mac and iPhone is excellent.

Not only is there an app for the Mac it means I can have my up to date list whether checking phone or laptop. Just got Any. DO set up on my mac, iPhone, and Alexa.

What's New

It seems to be working great. I'll update you again after a few weeks of use. But it looks like a winner! I use it to keep track of things I need to do during my day to day task and at university. See here for more info. There is now an option in Smart Queues to filter by date OR tag. Create a Smart Queue for all items due today OR tagged today and easily see your workload all in one place.

Now you can insert tasks anywhere in a queue. Use the Add Item buttons to add tasks at the top or bottom of the queue. Keyboard shortcuts let you insert directly above or below the current task. The new Tag Panel makes it easy to see a list of tasks with a specific tag.

Get More Done With the NEW Google Tasks

GQueues has a new optimized layout to help you manage tasks more efficiently. See all the changes here. GQueues now uses a secure, encrypted connection for all communication with your Google Calendar and Contacts. You can now delete all completed tasks in a queue with just one click. Everyone can now view, comment on, and complete tasks that have been assigned to them.

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A subscription is only required for the person actually assigning the tasks to others. More info. Edit and manage your tasks on the go, even offline, with the new GQueues Mobile version. Find out more here.

How to Access Gmail Tasks on Your Phone or in Your Browser

Now you can view tasks offline when your phone doesn't have a network connection. This is the second of three phases to bring offline functionality to GQueues. Read all the details here. Now you can create tasks offline when your phone doesn't have a network connection. This is the first of three phases to bring offline functionality to GQueues. Read all the details to get started. Create tasks from any web page with the new GQueues Chrome Extension.

Watch how easy it is to use in the video tutorial. Queues now display the number of open tasks with their title so you no longer have to open a queue to see how much you still have to work on. Convert emails into GQueues tasks right within the email itself.

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Install the gadget on your Google Apps domain, watch the video and read the docs to get started. When you print a queue you can now choose a print size and whether to show notes, tags, subtasks and assignments. You can now set a default reminder that will be used for all new tasks with dates or times. You can now set tasks to repeat based on the date you complete them.

So if you're late finishing a task, the next instance will adjust accordingly. Read more info. Tasks assigned to you now appear on your calendar with the rest of your tasks so you can see everything that's due.

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Customize the layout of GQueues to suit your preferences. And now GQueues remembers what categories were expanded or collapsed. The Quick Add Window lets you create multiple tasks at once with dates, tags, reminders, subtasks - and even place them in multiple queues. Choose from more options for Smart Queues - tasks without dates, tasks from a certain category or queue, tasks assigned to someone, or even the next tasks you should be working on!

Calendars iOS app updated with Google Tasks support

See the docs for all the details. Assign tasks to others and track the status of work! Check out the assignments video to see how GQueues can simplify managing tasks with a team. Backup your data to a local file for an extra sense of security. You asked for better subtasks and we listened. Watch the subtasks video to see how easy it is now to work with subtasks.

See how to use the improved, simple, easy to remember keyboard shortcuts to work blazingly fast. Manage repeating tasks clean and simply with the re-designed recurring feature. Create tasks from email or any website with the new bookmarklet.