Power mac g5 not recognizing ssd

I decided to try and repair the case as best I could the other day. Which led to a fun disassembly of the PC. Its not perfect but much better.

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Unfortunately when rebuilding it I forgot to hook up two straps to the processor, which look like grounding straps. It turned on and the fans went full blast and it would not respond to inputs Holding the power button wouldn't turn it off. So I had to yank the power cord in order to get it to shut off. So after redoing my repair, it now turns on and will work. Problems are it will freeze when loading the OS at the gray screen.

So sometimes its multiple boots to get the thing running. Once it fully loads the OS and you reach the log in screen all acts well for the most part. And everything has been functioning like normal. It can stay on for days being functional, right now it has been on for 1. Anyone have advice on what might have been fried during the first attempt to reboot the rebuilt PC?

Any suggestions to maybe remedy its current operation. Reseting nvram? I know the common suggestion is going to be just throw it out and get a newer Mac. Jul 27, 39, 96, 2, Without having your Mac in front of me, if I had to take a ballpark guess I would say it's most likely a hard drive failure.

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I understand where your coming from I work on cars for a living and its like people asking me whats wrong it does this. Its hard to diagnose without having something to run tests on. That is interesting though. What makes you think it could be the hard drive? Id have to do some more research. Ive been considering getting some retail OS X disks to attempt a hackintosh project but the prices are damn high. I was suspecting the processor got cooked.

http://back2.barrica94.cl/dnde-estn-mis-retratos.php But I will take some pictures that better explain exactly what I did and whats going on later. I do have a Power Mac G5, its not an intel mac. Any tips or hits would be appreciated. I recall just a plain install off dvd. Dennis Clarke. I will check my notes. In reply to this post by Curtis Hamilton A specific change was made for powerpc64 that lead to this G5 boot problem. However, it appears to just have exposed some previously unknown problem rather than the change itself being wrong. Still not the quitetest computers in the world though.

Yes, it is. Yes, in a Mac mini G4. But there's no need for any such contortions with a PowerMac G5.

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I have no idea why it broke. Or maybe it isn't broke but something else have crashed and burned. But before I try out a new gfx card I will not know for sure. But I'm certain that it isn't a MorphOS problem, and it's not a hardware bug. Have you looked at the price of Mac Mini G4:s lately? They are almost as expensive as the G5!

My Ibook feels pretty weak by today's standard but the G5 is still fast enough for normal computing, even comparing to modern PC:s. That is my opinion [ Edited by Yasu I got the Apple Care warranty on it since it was the first liquid cooling system they did and it made me nervous to have. Mine failed with no warning one day after about 3 years and a couple months.

I remember being just out of the coverage window. In the end Apple did cover the repairs but it took some work and would have been a total loss if they didnt cover it.

CHECK the cooling system and pull it out. Its not a hard fix if you research it and take the time to do it. Its a fun project and will teach you more about the system and give you an opportunity to know more about it in the end. Powerbook 1. I have to rebuild my 2. It's not that hard. Chris MacMini 1. I'm using a 2. Sediments in the whole cooling system, missing cooling fluid but there was no leakage!!?? I've build an external service valve to change the fluid and cleaned the whole system. If you can't do this overhaul by yourself forget the 2.

Jim Is your G5 loud? Since the model I purchased is unsupported as yet, the performance can only be judged under OSX and appears to be better than a comparable AGP model.

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Yes, nothing is as loud as an MDD though. Quote: Jambalah wrote: But the noise is minimal: the fan inside the Quicksilver 1. Jim: Inside my Quicksilver there is a Sonnet Encore 1. I did the same with psu fans and now MDD is really quiet.