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New Licenses Renew Licenses. Wi-Fi Scanner Easy-to-use tool to scan for and analyze Key features Simple, fast wireless network search Support for Product Info Version:.

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Fully-featured day trial. Try Wi-Fi Scanner for free. This WiFi scanner also has an easy-to-configure interface. With many options of column data available to choose from.

Like iStumbler, AirRadar also can graph the signal strength over time, but also noise over time, of any of the APs you can see. I personally keep all three installed on my machine.

I think they have been targeted at different audiences. Not everyone who needs a WiFi scanner understands the nuances of negative dBm. It is a paid application but can be downloaded and tested for free. This is a paid application available through the Apple App Store. It provides all of the WiFi network scanning functionality that you need to discover nearby networks and help tune your own.

How To Access The WiFi Scanner In macOS Sierra - Let's Talk Tech

You can also use the app to perform speed testing to verify your Internet connection performance. One of these applications should work for you in your endeavor to scan WiFi networks with your Mac. Whether you are setting up a new network, trying to locate possible access points, or optimizing the performance of your own installation, a WiFi network scanner is an indispensable tool. No menu assigned! What is a WiFi Scanner?

The SSID can be hidden, in which case a client who wants to connect must already know the name of the network. The name can also be sent through the beacons of the access points, enabling anyone who sees the network to attempt to gain access. Alias — This field will indicate if the network has an alias, and if so, will display it.

Channel — The channel that the wireless network is currently using for transmission is displayed on the channel field. Band — The band field shows you what frequency is being employed by the WiFi network. You will usually find either 2. Security — This essential field indicates what type of security is protecting a given network. If you are using a WiFi scanner to find networks that are easily accessible, you would like to find an open network.

If WEP is the type of security being used, the network can be compromised fairly easily by hackers.

How To Access The WiFi Scanner In macOS Sierra

You want your network to use this type of security to protect the data and devices which are connected to it. Vendor — Here you will find the manufacturer for the WiFi router that is providing the network. Mode — The mode field will tell you which wireless modes are supported by the router behind the network.

The 5 GHz band Supports It compares the level of the WiFi signal to the level of background noise.

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Signal — The strength of the network signal is displayed in this field.