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I tried your methods without success. Nevertheless, I found out that Google was actually blocking the Mail connection attemps so I had to "unblock" it by the next easy steps:. For me the problem turned out to be simpler. To fix it:. I read the other responses, they didn't work for me and I don't want to log out of Icloud because that's a time waster. This is the way I fixed it:. This would work in the case that: you already have the account set up, but have Mail disabled on it.

For instance, you may have only Calendar and Contacts sync enabled on it currently.

On closer inspection in the Accounts list I found that during my El Capitan upgrade the installer had renamed one of my email accounts to be the same as another I missed this in my list of a dozen or so accounts , and disabled the account. It was the account that El Capitan said already existed.

I simply correctly renamed the account and re-enabled it. And then had to go fix all of the many rules referencing the account and its mailboxes. My version of this issue is that: - my apple or iCloud id is user gmail. I did the following and it worked: I put in a wrong password, the whole info came up, put in the right password, and voila.

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I tried many solutions, however the only thing that solved my issue was to add my gmail account using "Add Other Account The solution turned out to be easy. I went into my Keychains, looked for everything with "google" in it, and removed them all. Some of them were more than two years old, and I've changed my Google password several times in that period. Once that was clean, I was able to set up Google anew in the Internet Accounts section and everything synced. Both accounts then appeared in the Mail app and emails very quickly started to sync.

I found a solution that worked for me and was pretty quick and easy. But, when you log back in, it will restore all that data caveat, I don't use iCloud for much of my data, so you probably want to be sure to have a back up, just in case - TimeMachine will probably do. I did not have to delete my iCloud account and it turned out the answer was very simple. Press save. Open System Preferences , click on Internet Accounts and Google mail , then you see some checkbox so click on Mail app. Then you will easily be able to login. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Mac Mail - Account already exists error when adding gmail Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 6 months ago.

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Active 1 year, 5 months ago. Viewed 90k times. I am updated to Are you on What version of Mail. What happens when you go to system preferences internet accounts and remove the affected account details?

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I'm on OSX When I remove it from Internet Accounts, and try to add it back again, it says the account already exists. Then if I restart my computer, it shows up in Internet Accounts again. Ugh - this is going to be messy.

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You might want to first make a brand new user account on the Mac and test that it can add that account properly. From there, check google's settings to see if you have app specific passwords or two factor auth enabled. To troubleshoot this: A. My guess is it should be: Quit Mail and make sure it doesn't launch when you log in Remove the account from system prefs Reboot Add the account in - optionally test something other than mail first like a bogus calendar entry to check the account and google servers. Test Mail by enabling the account and then finally launching Mail B.

Try adding the mail account there from System Preferences - Internet Accounts Preference Pane If that doesn't work - your gmail is messed up or you need to reinstall the Mac from scratch i. Sign out of iCloud on your Mac with your normal account. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Fill the […]. However, understanding how to configure those services properly is crucial to creating a reliable and secure mail server. One of these machines will be replacing our current ageing Linux mail server.

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Note: Intermedia support options are limited for Mac Mail since there is no way to open a case with Apple. On the Internet Accounts page, select Exchange from the list. One of the major changes in Mac Lion is the default integration of major email services. There are some times, however, …. Open Mac Mail, select Mail, and …. Email Application Setup - Apple Mail.

Incoming Mail Server Settings. Knowledgebase Article , views tags: imap mac mail. Email Application Setup - Windows 10 Mail. This article will explain how to setup an email account in the Windows 10 mail application. The system bus on a Mac Mini isn't really all that slow though. The rpm for the disk is a bit slower than other platforms rpm versus rpm. Articles in this section. Setting up Microsoft Outlook ; Setting up Mail In this tutorial we will be guiding you through the process of configuring email on Mac Mail.

We are using Mac Mail Version If you are using a different version or operating system, these instructions may differ. This course is directed at helping you, the IT professional, to understand, plan for, deploy, administer, and maintain Mac OS Server. This course, for Server 5 and 5.

Outlook for Mac Entourage , Web Services Edition. Mail the email application included with Mac OS The same cannot be said about Mac OS X The latest version of Apple's server OS boasts rather a lot of changes, designed to help boost Server's attractiveness in the small-to-medium business, SMB market.

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Oh, and like Mac OS X You can configure the Mail app to connect to your email and calendar events on the Office server. To begin with, You will be taken to your System Preferences screen where you can adjust various options of your Mac OS. Select the Internet Accounts link to proceed. The simplified setup autoconfigures many of Mac OS X Server's technologies, including file and print services, and mail service -- either acting as a full-featured mail server or passing messages to an ISP's server.

The server OS is really just the client OS Print or write down the information that is …. Mail for Mac OS X In Mac OS X Removing an email account from a mail client also will remove all messages associated with it on the device and, specifically in the case of POP accounts that are not configured to retain mail on the server, there may be no way to recover those messages. How to set up Outlook.

How do I configure email on my Mac using Apple Mail Manually configure Mac Mail for email hosted on Exchange This article describes how to set up your Microsoft Exchange email account with Mac Mail.