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For example, fragmentation is ONLY performed by endpoints in IPv6 the hosts talking to each other , and not by any router in between.

Neighbor Discovery (ND) Inspection

ICMP is used to determine if packets need to be fragmented or not. Neighbor discovery is entirely done with ICMP via multicast and unicast.

IPv6 does not use broadcasts! The last IP is usable, unlike in IPv4. Wait we saw these How are they used in IPv6?

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery | mrn-cciew

This is a major difference from IPv4! This is also an annoying difference. It does change how things operate and what filters need to be put in place. This IP range is specified as unroutable on all routing equipment and should not be forwarded, thus the name link local or LAN only.

This is normal.

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IPv6 QoS works exactly as IPv4, with the exception that IPv6 has a new flow label field added into the header to help with marking flows and traffic class designation. IPv6 neighbor discovery to some is less secure than ARP. While it is a lot more complicated to filter, the security differences are negligible.

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For IPv6 on a server, the main difference is the neighbor resolution. Certain ICMP types need to be allowed in the firewall which allow neighbor resolution to work. You cannot simply filter everything except the destination IPv6 IP to the server, the link local must be allowed as well.

IPv6-03 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery, Multicast and DAD

If you are wondering why IPv6 seems broken when you add it to a server, check the firewall. Firewall admins should allow type err msgs and echoes at the least to allow proper operation and ping testing.

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Just like in IPv4 leading zeros can be omitted, however, I find it easier to write it all out: a is also a Which also can be a This looks confusing, so writing it all out putting ALL the zeros when taking notes or preparing policies will help understand it better. How about neighbor resolution? NDP defines five ICMPv6 packet types for the purpose of router solicitation, router advertisement, neighbor solicitation, neighbor advertisement, and network redirects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How does the NDP work?

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