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Yesterday, we showed you how to use an XBox controller on your Mac, using a wired controller. We're pretty sure it will work with the.

With Mac gaming seeing a surge in recent years, there's a greater desire than ever to use a controller. Here's how to connect a PS3 controller to.

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While the Mac platform has not been noted for catering to hard-core PS3, and Xbox controllers, you will have to use a third-party driver. I don't think any of the PS3 and drivers have been tested on SL. I am looking at getting the PS3 driver support working in our games and.

It's a lot easier to play Mac games with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller than you might think. You'll sometimes need to download separate drivers, and you might need to.

How to Connect a PS3 controller to a Mac | Digital Trends

The drivers that come with OSX are working perfectly because I can. Home Archives. Of course you'll have to translate the buttons to PS3 buttons whilst playing, but that isn't really a problem.

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  6. For games that don't support it at all, you'll find a workaround on any app that lets you translate PS3 controller inputs into keyboard inputs. So just configure "x" on the d-pad to whatever key is jump on the game, for example.

    I used one but it has been a while so I don't really remember the name to recommend you. How did you connect your PS3 to the macbook?

    How to Connect a PlayStation 3 Controller to a Mac (OS X Mavericks)

    Just by the USB cable and it works, or do you need to download and install 3rd party drivers? There is for sure a "correct" procedure to it which you'll find on google somewhere, where I've "half-learned" it , but I just plug it with the USB cable, turn on bluetooth, turn bluetooth off, take off the USB and repeat the process until it connects just by bluetooth.

    It usually takes one repetition. I forget if I've installed a driver, but I most probably didn't. I have the same query.