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You need only watch the three-and-a-half-minute tutorial video to understand the Rube Goldberg machinations one must undertake to set up these shortcuts. While I did get them to work after a morning of fiddling, I can guarantee I'll never actually use these shortcuts to turn on my smart lights.

The Best Keyboard Ever? (Das 4 Professional)

It's not nearly as simple as just pressing a couple of buttons. To quote the tutorial video, all you have to do is "just press the Q smart button to pull up the Signal Center, select the Q Command Center from the menu, and press the corresponding keyboard shortcuts to toggle the lights.

If you messed something up, you have to start over because these commands can't be edited after you create them. You can't even choose the button you want to use for your shortcut: Das assigns these automatically.

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Of course, the 5Q is also a keyboard, and that presumably means you'll be typing on it a lot, too. Naturally, it's got all of the latest features: color backlighting which can be tuned on a key by key basis, full n-key rollover, a long 2 meter braided cable, and an onboard volume control knob.

They're designed to feel like Cherry MX Brown switches, actuating at 1.

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They're tactile with a minimal click, but I found them a bit on the mushy side. And even after a week of daily use, I was still often making typos where the space bar would activate too soon or the shift key would release too late.

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My fingers really did fly on the 5Q, and I clocked 91 words per minute in my testing, which means that now I either type faster than I did when I tested keyboards last year or that the board really is that good. That said, over time, I found that the keys did take more pressure to engage than I'd have liked, which may have contributed to my increased typos.

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  • The deck of the keyboard is made from pleasantly thick metal with a soft, matte-black finish. Beyond the satisfying heft and feel, the face of the Das Keyboard 4 also excels at repelling fingerprints, allowing its slick and understated appearance to never be tarnished. The keycaps themselves are made from quality ABS plastic, while the letters and digits that appear to be laser etched onto the keycap faces. It's difficult to say how well those little white letters will hold up over time, but they do seem well-made.

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    Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mac review

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    The Das Keyboard is much more comfortable to type on. It's also designed to be used with Macs and comes with Mac-specific keys, whereas most non-Apple keyboards are designed for the Windows operating system. It's a bit pricey, but it could be a worthwhile investment for those whose jobs or hobbies involve a lot of typing.