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Pick your fun:. The classic Mac OS experience is complete, you can open folders, adjust control panels, create and save files, edit things with ResEdit, or play Shufflepuck Cafe:. As mentioned, this does indeed work on just about every platform imaginable. Here it is running on an iPhone, complete with a bad Instagram filter to emphasize the retro factor:.

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Emulating Atari ST on a Macintosh

Wow too bad emulation has freaking died! It was nice to see System 7 after all these years but practically useless to me. I keep holding on to those old disks thinking they might be valuable to someone one day in the far future, but that will probably never happen. Works fine on a Mac, but on iOS7 I get a bomb! These are midi-files. So the outcome of the sounds is generated by your computer, often Quicktime.

If the players are missing, these are the direct links to the midi files: marimba1. I am sorry to have little audio examples. The Atari ST is in the basement, I have no room for it in my current studio and I should have saved more audio generated by Midijoy in the past. Atari Mega ST computer.

More Midijoy on old website Midijoy is 'vintage', so are the old html pages of this website. Examples These are midi-files.

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Anyway, enjoy. It was later on ported to the PC platform, too.

Citing from the Announcement:. This free program emulates a combination of an Inmos T transputer with 2M RAM and the standard iserver host interface program. It runs on Macintoshes. Both 68k and PowerPC based ones. It needs 2. Optimized to run Windows 3. Are you the publisher?

EmuTOS: a Free operating system for Atari computers – OSnews

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SIT Archive. Carbonized, likely requires NewWorld only.