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Hi and welcome. May I assume that when you say the key is hidden somewhere in your files, that you have transferred your files from the old Mac to the new eg Time Machine, cloning software, Migration Assistant or via EHD? And here again, may I assume you are talking about Microsoft Office for Mac?

If that's the case, then it's a question of searching for the Key. Although Spotlight might do this, a better, and free, option is to download "Find Any File", an app developed by Templeman. You can do all sorts of clever searches with it.

How do retrieve my product key for MS Office for MAC 2011.?

But at the end of the day, unless you find the Key Another thought occurred to me: Your spanking new Mac will be running El Capitan. It is possible that you could be better off with a later, or latest, version of Office?? If by "digging" you mean to find the key from something in Office, that is, as far as I know, not possible. It's a one-time key that isn't actually stored on the drive as part of the installation, but simply authorizes the installation.

Ah, good point Jake.

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I was reading it the other way; a file document with the key created by the OP. Of course, you're right. It's definitely that file. Make sure you get it into the correct library folder.

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If I read the previous post correctly, copy the entire file Lastly make sure the permissions on the file are consistent with the rest of the folder. I had my hard drive replaced.

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I used SuperDuper to clone then on the new disk I get asked to register the product key. I tried calling Microsoft. I tried copying plists from the Time Machine backup I also made.

I have the old hard drive and clone in storage, so if there is a way to look up the key given the working install I'd like that. I don't think I have any other way to recover the key How to retrieve Office product key from old machine? Danger Mouse. Smack-Fu Master, in training et Subscriptor. RoadBikeGuy wrote:. Fenis-Wolf wrote:. Jump to: Aug 1, Posts: Thu Apr 14, 5: Los Angeles, CA Registered: Nov 14, Posts: Fri Apr 15, 7: Feb 17, Posts: Fri Apr 15, 9: Sat Apr 16, 6: Yes No.

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Where did you get Office? Check here for your key Check your Order History page for information on how to contact Support.

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The 25 digit product key is on a yellow sticker on the inside of the DVD case. If you misplaced your key before you redeemed it, you may need to purchase a replacement.