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The computer was soon dismantled and replaced with a new cluster made of an equal number of Xserve G5 rack-mounted servers, which also use the G5 chip running at 2. According to IBM's Dr. John E. Kelly, "The goal of this partnership is for Apple and IBM to come together so that Apple customers get the best of both worlds, the tremendous creativity from the Apple corporation and the tremendous technology from the IBM corporation.

Each processor in the Power Mac G5 has two unidirectional bit pathways: one leading to the processor and the other from the processor.

Apple Power Mac G5 Quad 2 5 Dual 2 0 2 3 Ghz Service Repair Manual | Airport | Macintosh

The processor at the heart of the Power Mac G5 has a " superscalar , superpipelined" execution core that can handle up to in-flight instructions, and uses a bit , instruction SIMD unit AltiVec. All modern bit x86 processors since the Pentium Pro have the Physical Address Extension PAE feature, which permits them to use a bit physical memory address to address a maximum of 2 36 bytes 64 gigabytes of physical memory , while the PowerPC processor is capable of addressing 2 42 bytes 4 terabytes of physical memory and 2 64 bytes 16 exabytes of virtual memory.

DP designates a dual-processor machine, SP designates a single-processor machine, and DC designates a dual-core-processor machine. Early versions of dual processor G5 computers have noise problems. The first one is ground loop -based interference, [6] which sometimes causes noise leaks into the analog audio outputs. This bug was fixed in Rev. The second noise problem came from the 'chirping' sound, which can be triggered by fluctuations in power draw. This noise problem was not fixed until the dual core generation of G5s was produced, however it did not affect the "Late " model at least there have never been any reports.

The power draw fluctuation was later attributed to the lack of power management features in the single-core processors. Although the noise problems did not prevent the affected computers from working, they were problematic for audio professionals and enthusiasts, especially for the liquid-cooled models, which had been expressly designed as mechanically quiet for discerning listeners. A common problem amongst single processor G5s was that the plate of metal soldered to the Logic Board connecting all eight of the RAM slots would, over time, expand and contract in such a way that the computer could not boot properly, as it would not detect any RAM.

The only way known to fix this problem is for someone to re-solder the plate themselves or expose the other side of the Logic Board to heat from a heat gun.

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The latter of these two options is far easier, as to access the plate of metal one would have to completely remove the Logic Board from the computer, whereas all one has to do to expose the other side is remove a fan. All 2. This was a bold step for Apple, and should have allowed the use of very fast processors, giving Apple an advantage in both the performance and reliability race, but the system turned out to be subject to coolant leakage.

While leakage was sometimes detectable by drops of green coolant in or beneath the machine, in many [ vague ] machines the seepage is so slight that it was almost impossible to detect without dismantling the entire computer.

PowerMac G5 Setup/First Run + RAM, Hard Drive, and OSX Installation

Later models only the 2. The liquid cooling system fits into the case where the heat sinks would normally go, so there is no easy way to distinguish the liquid-cooled versions from the air-cooled, although most, but not all, [ vague ] of the liquid-cooled machines have a sticker inside warning about the possibility of leakage. When P.

Semi announced the preliminary pre-production plan of PWRficient processor, [12] there had been persistent rumors that Apple would prepare for its use in its professional line of personal computers. In , The Register reported that P. Semi had formed a tight relationship with Apple, which would result in P. Warning: The edges of the access panel and the enclosure can be sharp.

Be very careful when handling them. Remove the access panel and place it on a flat surface covered by a soft, clean cloth. Replacement Note: Make sure the latch is in the up position before replacing the access panel. If the latch is down, the access panel will not seat correctly in the enclosure. Remove the air deflector and place it on a soft, clean cloth. Replacement Note: To replace the air deflector, insert the three tabs on the bottom edge of the deflector into the three slots in the bottom frame of the enclosure.


Then swing the deflector up flush against the top frame of the enclosure. Important: Make sure you re-install the air deflector before replacing the access panel.

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  8. If the air deflector is not installed, the computer will not function properly. In most configurations, a single hard drive occupies the top portion of the bay. You can install one additional serial ATA hard drive to the empty slot in the bay. Release the drive locking latch by rotating it up.

    Disconnect the drive data cable and power cable from the hard drive. Pull the drive out of the drive bay, being careful not to touch the bottom of the drive. Note: If you encounter resistance, use a flatblade screwdriver to release the latches on the drive bay rails as you pull the drive out of the bay. See circled areas on the illustration below. If two drives are installed, remove the bottom drive first. Important: If the printed circuit board PCB is exposed on the bottom of the hard drive, hold the drive by its sides. To avoid damaging the replacement drive, take care not to touch the PCB during installation.

    If you are installing an additional drive, transfer the guide screws from the side of the hard drive bay to the drive. Replacement Note: When replacing the top drive, make sure the guide screws align with the middle slot of the drive bay, and then gently push the drive into the bay until it snaps into place.

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    When installing a bottom drive, align the guide screws with the bottom slot of the drive bay and slide the drive in until it snaps into place. Upper Hard Drive Cable 1. Clip off the connector from the hard drive end of the upper hard drive data cable. Disconnect the cable from the logic board, pull the cable out of the hard drive bay, and remove the cable from the enclosure.

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    Then install the upper hard drive with the cable routed below the drive, and connect the cable to the drive as illustrated. Clip off the connector from the hard drive end of the lower hard drive cable. Then install the lower hard drive with the cable routed above the drive, and connect the cable to the drive as illustrated. Important: When installing a replacement optical drive, use the original Apple cables that came with the Power Mac G5. Disconnect the optical drive ribbon cable from the logic board. The cable connector is located under the media shelf that holds the optical drive.

    Place the fingers on one hand inside the opening for the optical drive cable. Push the edge of the drive forward and then up. The drive will move part way out of the media shelf. Route the drive ribbon cable out through the opening in the media shelf and remove the drive and ribbon cable from the computer.

    Transfer the cable to the top of the replacement drive, and connect the cable to the drive.

    Apple Power Mac G5 Quad 2 5 Dual 2 0 2 3 Ghz Service Repair Manual

    Note: Reusable adhesive tape on the underside of the cable attaches the cable to the drive. When removing the cable from the original drive, be careful to keep the tape with the cable. Replacement Note: Insert the optical drive part way into the optical drive bay, and connect the power cable to the drive. Then bend down the free end of the ribbon cable, route it through the opening at the back of the media shelf, and connect the cable to the logic board. Preliminary Steps Before you begin, open the computer and lay it on its side with the access side facing up.

    Hold the front inlet fan assembly by the front handle and firmly pull it out of the computer. Important: Make sure the connector on the fan fully engages the fan connector on the logic board, or the computer will not operate properly. Gently pull the fan assembly to test whether it is connected. The slots are arranged in two banks of four slots each. DIMMs in these two slots first. DIMMs are already installed in these two slots.

    If slots are available, and you want to install more memory, install additional DIMMs in a similar fashion: In pairs, one per bank, from the center outward. Preliminary Steps Before you begin, open the computer, lay it on its side with the access side facing up, and remove the front inlet fan assembly. Locate the DIMM slots on the logic board.

    Open the ejectors on the DIMM slot by pushing them out to the sides. Holding the DIMM by both top corners, lift it straight up out of the computer. The computers come with a high-performance lane 16x PCI Express graphics card installed in slot 1. You can install additional PCI Express cards in slots 2—4. Install a second card in slot 3, a third in slot 4, and a fourth in slot 2 to take advantage of the bus bandwidth of each slot.

    Before installing a card, check the specifications to make sure it can operate in the Power Mac G5 Late Note: When certain high-end video cards are installed in slot 1, they block the adjacent PCI Express slot slot 2.