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Is it just me, or should this page and the "starcraft for classic" be merged into one? They have the majority of the same downloads. It's a bit redundant. Do you know this game only for sale for the PC.

I click on purchase the game this page. I found out it only for sale for the PC. I click on blizzard starcraft homepage. It shows only a PC for sale. The mac version of this game is no longer for sale. Blizzard has drop the mac version this game. To the best of our knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publishers. No new comments can be posted. More Login. Score: 4 , Funny.

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Share twitter facebook linkedin. Fortunately my mac is obsolete and won't run StarCraft.

Opinions about StarCraft Installer

Yay for productivity! Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. I'll up ya one Score: 1. Re:I'll up ya one Score: 1. That's "Dark Achon", mate.

Not quite dorky enough. After the last time I took my ibook in for repair, they replaced my harddrive, giving me This release is obviously fixing that problem. Re:the real issue here Score: 3 , Informative. I got a PowerBook with You sure about no Classic?

StarCraft: Brood War is now available to download and play for free - MWEB Gamezone

Score: 5 , Informative. When I installed It was on one of the CDs though, it just had to be installed separately. You sure its not on any of your CDs? I was using a retail I don't believe the CD label mentioned Classic being on the disc. Re:You sure about no Classic? Score: 1. No, I'm not sure. But I did look on the disks that I was given. I could't find it. This was two months ago. And I have heard that apple is going to end-of-life classic sometime in the future, so I just figured that time was now.

Re:the real issue here Score: 2 , Funny. REAL mac users have system discs dating back to at least system 4. Re:the real issue here Score: 1. Well, yes, I myself have many system disks from even before version 2. But when I went to install 9. My Re:the real issue here Score: 3 , Interesting. Re:the real issue here Score: 5 , Informative.

Conventional Steps to Uninstall StarCraft Broodwar 1.16.1 for Mac

You can just mount the image and drag the System Folder from it to your hard drive. That's interesting. What hidden directory? It's called.

Download Starcraft for Free, Have Fun!

I forget off the top of my head. To do it the gui way, install Tinker Tools and check the box to show hidden files and directories, then restart the Finder. You should be able to navigate directly to the directory on the restore disk from the Finder. Re:the real issue here Score: 2. I play this game on mac, but all of my pc's also have a copy installed.

I play this game more than any other game still, it's just THAT good. Mac gamers Score: 5 , Informative. People who only want to play games don't buy Macs. However people who buy their computer for non-gaming reasons may also want to play the occasional game.

About Multiplayer for StarCraft

Some of these people found that Macs suit their primary needs best and the Mac gaming market thereby came into existence. Starcraft for Mac came out about a year after the PC version.

I believe it consisted of a set of alternate files that you dropped into an existing Classic Starcraft installation. I did this some how but i forget how, i mean installing it on OSX. Try sticking in the SC cd when it asks for it, not before you run the installer.

Starcraft wont install on my Mac!! HELP! PLEASE!!

Claw Registered. Have you tried creating a battle. That's what I did for Diablo II. Enter the CD key that came with your game and Blizzard gives you a digital download link for your particular game. Just go to the Blizard site the 2 people above said. I have install starcraft on my Mac doing this. You get the CD key and register the game with blizzard and they will let you download a Mac or PC version for your computer that doesn't need the disk. After download just install it like any other Mac program. You should uninstall Starcraft and then reinstall using the dmg file from blizards website.

I hope this helps.

Blizzard Has Released Starcraft and SC: Brood War (Sci-Fi RTS Game) as Freeware!!