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Latest Posts. At the time of writing, there are three websites where you can play UberStrike. First, on UberStrike. Just like the desktop client, this has the advantage of not being forced to but still being able to connect to the game with your Facebook account.

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Finally, UberStrike has recently been rolled out to Kongregate. UberStrike is free to play, but like many games in its genre, is supported by a micropayment system.


By default, you only have the melee Splatbat and Machine Gun. The shop boasts an insane array of other weapons and cool outfits for your character. Is the USB 3. The connector in it is a little loose?

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I have Noob questions for ya :D Can I mix rams with different mhz on ddr3 quad channel? Anyone know if this is a good build or if I should change anything about it? Will this make a good backup pc? I have 3x 4gb and just purchased a single 8gb?

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Can I use a paper towel to clean thermal paste off of a processor? Can I still get on the internet with a XP computer, and how? My wife has asus motherboard with intel video and I have nvidia video drivers to.